Professor Mike Reece of QMUL visited QMUL Engineering School, NPU

On April 2, JAC member of QMUL Engineering School, NPU, Professor Mike Reece of visited our school. Dean Kong Jie, Vice Dean Fan Xiaoli, Professor GaoFeng, Professor Li Xuanhua and Associate Professor XuJie from School of Materials Science and Engineering of NPU joined the meeting.

On behalf of the school, Kong Jie introduced recent work progress and joint recruitment work of the school to Professor Mike Reece. Fan Xiaoli further explained teacher employment, teacher training, examination of teaching materials, teaching syllabus and programme plans. Professor Mike Reece showed his expectation of setting up Sino-UK Joint Research Centre of Advanced Materials and Structures. He pointed out that the essence of joint research centre is sharing rather than cooperation among scientific teams. QMUL would supply equipment and staff to ensure daily running of joint labs. At the meanwhile, QMUL would open more lab access to NPU’s researchers.

According to the agreement signed between the two universities, both sides started to draft relevant agreements and set up a frame consisting of advanced materials, nano-energy, polymer materials, structure design and optimization in order to further promote Sino-UK joint education and expand universities cooperation from talent cultivation to scientific research. Joint labs and bases would be established in both QMUL and NPU. The school would offer strong support for research work of both sides by promoting Joint Research Centre of Advanced Materials and Structures.