QMUL Engineering School, NPU Held the New Term Work Conference

On the afternoon of August 28th, QMUL Engineering School, NPU held the new term work conference on F4, East Teaching Building A, Chang’ an Campus. All staff of JEI and Dr. Gabriel Cavalli attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Dean Kong Jie.

Kong Jie made a summary on previous work of JEI and conveyed the main spirit of Cadre Seminar on Summer Holiday. Based on JEI’s work content, he called upon all of the staff to work with fresh attitudes and put the idea “students are the core” into daily work. The meeting assigned work tasks relevant to JEI’s general affairs, teaching affairs and student affairs. Executive Vice Dean Andy Bushby, Vice Deans Fan Xiaoli and Chen Jun discussed and arranged issues such as JEI labs, teaching affairs and issues related to students.

During the meeting, recent work focus was also discussed. JEI would continue perfecting Party construction and all of the Party members should take their initiative while at work. At the meantime, we should take the advantage of cross-cultural communication in culture construction. The school would organize working staff to visit students’ dormitories, asked for their opinions and needs, helped to solve their problems and delivered a presentation recently to guide students to be adapt to their lives and study at NPU.

This semester has a special meaning to JEI as its first students came to study officially. All of the JEI staff showed that they would constantly improve themselves on the basis of summarizing previous work. Every department of the school would work hard together and be innovative, aiming at the core task of cultivating students at the Sino-foreign international platform so as to build a solid foundation for JEI’s development.

(Reporter Li Yuanting; Reviewer Kong Jie)