The Fifth AC Meeting of QMES

The Fifth Academic Committee meeting of Queen Mary University of London Engineering School, NPU was held onMarch,27th2019in the form of video meeting. Committee Members of QMES, Prof. Fan Xiaoli, Prof. Andy Bushby, Prof. Anthony Michael,Prof.Hong Zhenyuand other Chinese and English teachers and staff joined themeeting.

The video meeting was hosted by Prof. Fan Xiaoli, Vice Dean of QMES . First of all, all teachers reviewed the agenda of thefourthacademic committee meetingandwent throughthe minutes of last meeting. ThenFan Xiaoli reported the revision of 2019Education Programme and Curriculum. The participantsreviewed the courseware contents ofdeliverersin English in the spring semester of 2018---2019 academic year,andalso discussed Exchange StudentsProgrammes, students summer school andstaff training in Londonin 2019, and provided advice on theDual Master degree programmes. Finally, the participants confirmed the time of the next AC meeting.

Committee members of NPU: Fan Xiaoli, Hong Zhenyu, Shi Xuetao

Attendance: Jenny Yang, Eve Ding

Committee members of QMUL:Andy Bushby, Anthony Michael

Attendance:Tom Hewitt, Gabriel Cavalli, Andrew Spowage, Maria Romeo, Matthew Potter, ChelseaZhang-Anegbeh, July Qi, Yangyang Li