QMES was invited to International Competitiveness of Higher Education and Language Construction Forum

From March 16 to 17, 2019, the International Competitiveness of Higher Education and Language Construction Forum, hosted by British council, was held in Xi 'an. The forum was held during the 30th anniversary of IELTS in China, and representatives from National Education Examinations Authority (NEEA), Education Department of Shaanxi, China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) and other education departments attended the forum. Furthermore, hundreds of experts and scholars in the fields of universities internationalization , head of English teaching and language construction presented at the meeting, jointly interpreted the challenges and opportunities in the development of higher education internationalization, discussed the way of the English language ability construction in teaching.

Danny Whitehead, deputy director of the British council in China, put: "in a globalized world, we all face a common global challenge, that is people need to not only master different languages, but also improve their understanding of different cultures through languagea. "The British council is not only committed to the international competitiveness and language construction of higher education, but also to the promotion of mutual beneficial cooperation and development.

Zhang Jin, director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of NEEA, summarized the promotion and development of IELTS in China over the past 30 years, and pointed out that the British council has played an important role in promoting the internationalization of higher education in China and the exchanges between Chinese and English cultures. Combining with the education in Shaanxi, especially the development of higher education, Wen Tong, director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department in Education Department of Shaanxi reviewed the Chinese-British cultural education cooperation and exchange in Shaanxi, and hoped that the British council will increase its investment in Shaanxi and strive for greater achievements.

Deputy director of the academic exchanges and research in China Education Association for International Exchange, Tang Zhenfu, took "The Practice and Prospect of Internationalization of Colleges and Universities" as topic, interpreted the internationalization development pace of Chinese colleges and universities in the past decades with detailed data, and demonstrated the importance of Chinese-foreign cooperation in introducing high-quality education and teaching resources and promoting the internationalization of colleges and universities from the perspective of policy and operation..

Invited by the British Council, Chen Jun, deputy dean of QMES, took "English Language Competence Building for English Teaching Reform" as the topic, and started from the four major contradictions of current college English teaching and learning, shared the exploration and practice of NPU in comprehensively improving students' English application ability. Take "Gold Course" as an opportunity and QMES as an example, he showed the successful experience of NPU to test students' language competence through multi-dimensions such as to run schools through Chinese-foreign cooperation, to draw lessons from the world famous universities, introduce the British education system, to adopt differential teaching pattern, rich curriculum assessment mode, to built multivariate course feedback platform and to develop immersion overseas practice project.

Followed by Chen Hua, director of the Foreign Language Department of Nanjing University, Zhang Manjun, deputy director of the Foreign Language Department of University of Science and Technology of China, Chen Meihua, dean of the School of Foreign Languages of Southeast University and other experts analyzed the promotion and effect of general English test and IELTS test on college English education and teaching from the perspective of oral teaching and language assessment practice.

This forum brings together numerous experts and scholars in language education and teaching at home and abroad to create a high-end dialogue platform for the internationalization exploration of higher education. QMES makes full use of the high-quality education resources of international first-class universities and implements scientific and effective education and teaching mode and method, which is of great positive significance for improving students' comprehensive language ability and quality and cultivating international top-notch innovative talents.