Professor Charles Christopher Sorrell, University of New South Wales, Australia, visited QMES

On the morning of December 11, Professor Charles Christopher Sorrell of the University of New South Wales, Australia, and postdoctoral Shihao Huang visited QMES. Professor Sorrell gave a lecture entitled "Presentation Skills Short-Course" for students. More than 50 undergraduates of QMES in 2017 and 2018 grade attended the lecture.

Professor Sorrell gave a detailed introduction and guidance on the key contents of academic speech skills, the skills of non-verbal expression, the potential problems in the presentation process, the mistakes easily made in the speech and the control of tension, and broadcast successful lecture cases on the spot. At the same time, discussions and exchanges were held with the participants on the spot.

Professor Sorrell has delivered keynote speeches and invited lectures at large international conferences such as CIMTEC on many occasions. Its report entitledAdvanced Catalytic Materials with Clear Nanostructures for Energy and Fuel Sustainabilitywas awarded the Best Speech at the 256th National Conference of the American Chemical Society in 2018, the Best Oral Report of the International Symposium on Piezoelectric Power Microscope and Nanoscale Phenomena in 2014, and the Second Prize of the Oral Report of the 10th Symposium on Ecological Energy and Materials Science and Engineering in 2012. In addition to teaching professional courses, he also teaches professional communication & speech courses. He has been invited to give lectures on speech skills at Fudan University, Renmin University of China and Beijing Normal University.

Before the presentation, Professor Sorrell and Dr Shihao Huang had an exchange and discussion with Professor Kong Jie, Preside of QMES, and Professor Bushby, Executive Associate Dean. Professor Kong Jie gave a comprehensive introduction to the Australian side on the development process, operation, education, teaching and discipline construction of QMES, and showed gratitude to the School of Engineering of the University of New South Wales for supporting 31 students of QMES to participate in short-term learning exchanges during the winter vacation in January 2019. Professor Sorrell hopes to strengthen academic cooperation and exchanges between the two schools in the future. He also invites teachers and fellow students to visit and study at the University of New South Wales so as to have long-term international exchanges and promote further cooperation on the basis of their respective schools.

(Reporter & Photo/Chen ChenReviewer/Chen Jun)