The First Joint Educational Institution in Northwest China --- QMUL Engineering School, NPU Held 2017 Opening Ceremony

NPU News August 28 (Reporter Li Yuanting, Chen Jun, Photographer Lu Di) The 2017 Opening Ceremony of QMUL Engineering School, NPU (also known as JEI) was held at Chang’ an Campus of NPU on August 27, 2017. President Wang Jinsong of NPU, Principal Simon Gaskell of QMUL, Academician Professor Liu Weimin of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice President Wan Xiaopeng and Zhang Weihong of NPU, Vice Principal Edmund Burke of QMUL, representatives from relevant departments and JEI, 249 freshmen of JEI and more than 200 students’ parents attended the ceremony to witness the historic moment. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Wan Xiaopeng, Vice President of NPU and Director of Joint Administrative Committee (JAC) of JEI.

On behalf of all of NPU colleagues and students, President Wang Jinsong extended warm welcome to all the new students from overall China and heartfelt appreciation to the teachers and parents who have taken meticulous care of them. President Wang reviewed the two universities’ cooperation in promoting joint educational institution (JEI) from the aspects of the history and discipline features of both NPU and QMUL. He said that in the future, the two universities would go further to explore the Chinese and British high education mechanism of mutual advantages and mutual development. With unique learning experience, students could enjoy authentic UK education without studying abroad and graduate with global vision, recognition of international rules, life-long study ability and comprehensive qualities. As the school’s first cohort of students, President Wang hoped that all of the students could take hand in hand with the world and let the dream set sail. He expressed his best wishes to the students with four key words, the abbreviations of which were exactly “QMES” (the abbreviation of the school’s name) with the hope that students could acquire international knowledge, bear the responsibility of times and fulfill personal ambition.

As for President Simon Gaskell, this was a particular landmark for him personally as it represented his last official duty as President of Queen Mary University of London – he would retire a week later. Simon Gaskell looked back at the cooperation history of the two universities and pointed out that the role of universities in fostering international understanding was more important than ever. Since the first discussions between QMUL and NPU, both were looking forward to the products of the collaboration including highly educated graduates and ground-breaking discoveries in materials science and engineering. NPU and QMUL sought to cross national boundaries to bring to JEI students the best of what Chinese and British higher education can provide, encouraging an international view both of the possibilities open to them and the responsibilities associated with a university education.

Freshman representative Wang Tingyi spoke in fluent English on behalf of all the freshmen of JEI. She would like to take full advantage of the international platform that QMUL and NPU provided to become an excellent person with global vision, life-long study ability and comprehensive qualities.

Dean Kong Jie and Executive Vice Dean Andrew Bushby interacted with students and their parents. Andy shared his understanding to high education. As an old saying said, “a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step”, students should not only learn knowledge, but also learn how to learn. Kong Jie made a thorough introduction to the development of Sino-foreign joint education, talent cultivation mode of JEI, English immersed teaching method, personal development target and frequently asked questions. He encouraged students to be persistent to dreams and forge ahead. Students and their parents asked a series of questions considering JEI teaching mode, labs, further education, employment prospect and so forth. The Dean and Vice Deans of JEI answered their questions in detail patiently.

As the first Joint Educational Institution (JEI) in Northwest China, QMUL Engineering School, NPU is established jointly by NPU (“985” and “211” Projects) and QMUL (the top 100 universities worldwide by the QS Rankings in 2015) and has been granted permission by the Chinese Ministry of Education in May 2016. It is a significant achievement of the Third China-UK People-to-People Dialogue, as well as a part of a wider strategy of internationalization of higher education in China. The school provides high-quality transnational bachelor degree programmes in Materials Science and Engineering, and Polymer Materials Science and Engineering). It has recruited students from 15 provinces and cities including Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Beijing and so on. With wide acknowledgement JEI has gained from society and students, the admission score lines in most places are 80-159 points higher than the local score lines for key universities in 2017. Successful students of JEI will be awarded a degree from each university, including diploma by NPU, BEng degree by NPU, and BEng degree by QMUL.

(Reviewer: Kong Jie)