Signing Ceremony of Joint Research Institute of Advanced Materials and Structures by NPU and QMUL

NPU News August 28th(Reporter Yang Hongli, Photographer Guo Youjun)On August 27th2017, the signing ceremony of Joint Research Institute of Advanced Materials and Structures of NPU and QMUL (AMAS) was held in the First Meeting Room of Digital Building at Chang’an Campus.

The purpose of AMAS is to serve the “Belt and Road” Strategy in China, and to promote the development of science and technology in both Shaanxi and London. The two sides will make full use of existing or proposed technology platforms to create favorable conditions for high-level academic research, international scientific and technological cooperation projects, and bilateral exchanges between post-graduate students. AMAS has set up “Research Center of Advanced Ceramic Materials”, “Research Center of Nano Energy Materials”, “Research Center of Functional Polymers and Composites”, “Research Center of Biomaterials and Engineering” and “Research Center of Material Structure Design and Optimization”. Both NPU and QMUL would strive to build AMAS into a high-level research and talent training base, a world-class joint research center and an international science and technology demonstration base.

Principal Simon Gaskell of QMUL and President Wang Jinsong of NPU signed the “AgreementonEstablishing Joint Research Institute of Advanced Materials and Structures (AMAS) ”under the witness of representatives from both sides.

After the signing ceremony, the leaders and representatives at present discussed freely. Both sides gave their credit to the importance of collaborative development of scientific research and talent cultivation. The establishment of AMAS has broken the barriers between disciplines and further cemented the partnership between NPU and QMUL. It was hoped that scholars from both sides of AMAS would work closely together aiming at the academic cutting-edge and development needs. The signing ceremony was just a start and it was believed that the outcome would exceed expectations as long as both universities could combine student cultivation with scientific research.

The ceremony was hosted by Deputy Director Zhang Fuli of Office of International Cooperation. Vice President Edmund Burke, Dean Wen Wang of the School of Engineering and Materials Science, Associate Professor Gabriel Cavalli from QMUL side, and Vice President Zhang Weihong, Dean Li Jinshan of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Dean Deng Zichen of School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Professor Gu Junwei of School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Director Zhang Jinle of Division of Development Planning, Executive Vice-President Wang Haiyan of Graduate School, Vice Dean Zhu Jihong of School of Mechanical Engineering, Deputy Director Fu Xinwei of Division of Scientific and Technological Research Management, Deputy Director Wang Gaozu of Division of Human Resources, Deputy Director Gong Jian of Office of Academic Affairs and Deputy Director Gou Xingwang of Office of International Cooperation attended the ceremony.

Background Information: The third meeting of Sino-UK High-Level People-to-People Exchange Dialogue was held in September, 2015. QMUL and NPU signed a framework agreement on comprehensive cooperative partnership with the witness of Liu Yandong, the Vice Premier of the State Council and Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health in Britain. On March 16th, 2016, theAgreement for the Establishment of Engineering School of Queen Mary University of London and Northwestern Polytechnical Universitywas signed by QMUL and NPU. Based on the friendship, both sides believe that it is necessary to continue to consolidate and strengthen cooperation between China and Britain in the field of materials science, and reinforce the research and application of advanced materials and structures.

(Reviewer: Gou Xingwang)