Bulletin of grade 2017 National English Test Band Four


According to the unified arrangement of the school, our school organized the 2017 undergraduate students to enroll in the National College English Test Band 4 in June 2018. A total of 238 students enrolled in this exam, and the results of the student exam are as follows:

1. There were 238 people enrolled in the exam, 214 passed the exam (up to 425), and the pass rate was 90%.

2. The total score of CET-4 was 710, and the score was converted according to the percentage system: 24 persons below 60 (425) points, accounting for 10.08%; 214 persons with 60 (425) points or more, accounting for 89.92%; 196 persons above 70 (495) points, accounting for 82.35%; 80 (568) points and above 52people, accounting for 21.85%; 85 (600) points and above 15 people, accounting for 6.30%.

Hope that students who have not applied for or passed the exam will actively register for the exam.