Wang Haipeng

    Position:JAC Member/Director of Teaching Affairs Department of NPU


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    Prof. Wang Haipeng, a doctoral supervisor, is a participant of Program for New Century Excellent Talents supported by Ministry of Education. He has been granted National Excellent Youth, Science and Technology Talent for Ministry of Science and Technology. Prof. Wang is a visiting scholar of University of Toronto, winner of China Youth Science and Technology Award and Henry Fok Prize for Youth Teachers in Colleges and Universities, and New Star of Science and Technology in Shaanxi Province and Ao’xiang Youth Scholar of NPU. In April 2004, he worked in NPU and was selected a doctoral supervisor of material physics and chemistry in 2012. He is a member of School Council and Academic Degree Assessment Committee, representative of the 11th, 12th and 13th National Congress of CPC and Teaching Congress. Prof. Wang is President of CMS Society for Space, Deputy Director of Youth Working Committee and Vice President of Society for Solidification Science and Technology.