Yang Yixin

  Position: Chair of JAC / Member of the Party Standing Committee and Vice President of NPU


  Personal Profile Linkhttps://teacher.nwpu.edu.cn/yangyixin.html

    Prof. Yang Yixin, a Doctor of Engineering, is a member of the Standing Committee of the NPU Party Committee, Vice President of NPU, and Director of the Center of Basic Education. He was selected into the National Talent Program and awarded the"National Excellent Teacher" and "Shaanxi Provincial Renowned Teacher". He is a member of the Marine Engineering Teaching Committee of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education (2018-2022), a member of the 8th Discipline Appraisal Group of theStateCouncilAcademicDegreeCommittee, and theDirector of the Hydroacoustics Branch of the Acoustical Society of China. He presided over and participated in over 20 national and provincial scientific research projectsandpublished over 100 academic papers.He won the second prize in theNational Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, the second prize in theNational Technological Invention Award, the first prize in the Shaanxi Provincial Technological Invention Award, and other teaching and research awards, and guided students to win the gold medal of the 6th China College Students "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.