Michael Reece

  Prof. Reece mainly focused on ferroelectric / ferroelastic /piezoelectric materials. Recent research topics are: characterization of the electromechanical properties of ferroelectric thin films using nanoindentation; development of new ferroelectric ceramics with super high Curie points (>1,000C) for application as high temperature piezoelectric sensors; rapid sintering techniques to produce new materials. Recently he set up the first Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) furnace in the UK. He is Director of Nanoforce Technology Ltd, a spinout company of QMUL. He is an Invited Professor at The Shanghai Institute of Ceramics. He founded the Ceramic Matrix Composite Forum while at NPL (1992-99). He was a member of the IoM3 Electronics Applications Divisional Board (2002-07), Editor of Advances in Applied Ceramics (2012-), Editorial Borad of Journal of Advanced Dielectrics. Royal Society Industry Fellow (2011-2015).