QMES Held the 15th Meeting of the Joint Administrative Committee

On June 25th, the 15th JAC Meeting of QMES was held at the Conference Room 204 of the East Teaching Building Block A, Chang’an Campus, NPU. 10 committee members in total attended the meeting, including Yang Yixin, Member of the Party Standing Committee, Vice President of NPU, and Chair of JAC; Wang Wen, Vice Principal of QMUL and Vice Chair of the JAC; Wang Haipeng, Director of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Department of NPU; Zhang Fuli, Director of International Cooperation Office of NPU; Han Suomin, Director of Finance Department of NPU; Fan Xiaoli, Dean of QMES; Dai Fuping, Secretary of QMES Party Committee and Vice Dean of QMES; Gabriel Cavalli, Executive Vice Dean of QMES, etc. Cheng Yin, Vice Dean of QMES, all department directors, and Education Manager Qi Yue were in attendance at the meeting. It was chaired by Yang Yixin.


Yang Yixin extended a warm welcome to the 4 committee members from QMUL who were present at the meeting in person and affirmed the achievements of QMES that were made in the past six months, as well as the successful education for the third batch of undergraduate graduates. With the weakening of the epidemic’s impact, he hoped that the breadth and depth of cooperation between the two universities can be further expanded and deepened. By relying on the advantages of both sides and strengthening exchanges and interactions in education and teaching, QMES would fully leverage its exemplary role and promote the development of other units. Wang Wen stated that, through the joint efforts of both teams over the past seven years, the school has become a model for international high-quality education. QMUL will constantly support the school’s all kinds of work and strongly promote the closer exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.


At the meeting, all committee members collectively deliberated and approved the topics related to the changes in the legal representative of NPU and the members of the JAC, as well as the signing of the NPU-QMUL supplemental agreement. Fan Xiaoli, Cheng Yin, and Gabriel Cavalli reported in detail on the teaching affairs, student affairs, and recent work of International Centre for Teaching and Learning. The two sides also conducted extensive discussions on undergraduate education and teaching audition, teaching training, and recruitment. The committee members reached many consensuses on the above issues, which laid a solid foundation for the high-quality and sustainable development of the school.


Text: Zhang Han

Photo: Si Zhe

Translator: Zhou Yaru

Editor: Tang Yinwen

Review: Fan Xiaoli