QMES Successfully Held the Online Launch Ceremony of the 2023 Summer Social Practice

On the afternoon of July 3rd, the 2023 Summer Social Practice Online Launch Ceremony of the QMES was successfully held. The ceremony was attended by Cheng Yin, the Deputy Secretary of the QMES Party Committee; Huang Quanzhang, the Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of QMES, and all the students involved in the practice. The launch ceremony was hosted by Wang Yiruo, the executive president of the School Student Union


Firstly, on behalf of the School Youth League Committee and the Student Union, Shi Lingzi explained to the students the notice and policies of this social practice and shared her own insights and experience gained during the practice process on behalf of the excellent practice teams in previous periods.

Then, Cheng Yin, the Deputy Secretary of the QMES Party Committee, encouraged the students to remember the original purpose of the practice, to study and implement the theme of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in-depth, to further promote the theme education in practice, to make full use of the platform of summer social practice, to improve personal qualities in all aspects, and to show the youthful elegance of NPU students. She emphasized the safety issues for summer travel to the responsible persons of each practice team and accompanying teachers, reminding the students to pay attention to traffic, diet, and personal and property safety. In case of emergencies, students should respond quickly and report to the college, and teachers will promptly help everyone deal with the situation properly.


Prior to the deployment ceremony, on the morning of July 1st, QMES held a successful summer social practice coordination meeting between the school and the departments. During the meeting, Jiang Runpeng introduced the general guidelines of social practice, explained the requirements of the five types of thematic practice activities, as well as the application process and precautions for social practice. He also emphasized the role and significance of summer social practice, actively mobilized students to participate, and encouraged them to cultivate their abilities while showcasing the spirit and style of NPU youth.

It is hoped that through this summer social practice deployment ceremony, students can gain a deeper understanding of the content and significance of summer social practice, fully utilize the practice platform, take on social responsibilities, and showcase their youthful spirit and style.

Text: Liu Yiming, Jiang Runpeng

Photo: Yong Siyu

Translator: Zhou Yaru

Review: Cheng Yin