QMES Held a Course Assistant Recognition Meeting

Towards the end of the spring semester, QMES held a course assistant recognition meeting. Ms Faith Nightingale, Director of Education of QMUL, presented the 2022-2023 Outstanding Course Assistant Certificate at the meeting in recognition of the classroom support and classroom management work of course assistants in the past year.


Faith first affirmed and expressed her gratitude to teaching assistants for their long-term support and work in the curriculum of QMUL, including classroom support to ensure online teaching, collecting students’ questions and feedback offline, conveying teachers’ requirements, supporting the conduct of experimental sessions, etc. She especially extended her gratitude towards course assistants who have provided support during the epidemic. Their assistance has played a good role in promoting online teaching. They helped ensure classroom quality and supervise classroom management. Faith specifically mentioned that as teachers from the British side returned to school this semester, course assistants would also need to change their support in the post-pandemic era. In order to ensure the offline teaching and enhance the interaction between teachers and students, the course assistants worked tirelessly to help teachers familiarize themselves with the use of electronic teaching equipment and actively supported the conduct of experimental courses. On behalf of teachers of QMUL, Faith expressed her gratitude towards course assistants for their supporting work and presented them with honorary certificates.


The winners of course assistant awards were nominated and voted by course teachers, and a total of six special awards and sixteen excellence awards were selected, including

1) Annual Excellent Professional Course Assistant——Shohan Md Shohanur Rahman, was rewarded for his outstanding performance in the course assistant position. He has a serious and proactive work attitude, effectively ensuring the conduct of classroom teaching.

2) Annual Excellent English Course Assiatant——Khanzada Muzammil Hussain, was jointly nominated by three English teachers for his outstanding performance in his position. His work attitude is serious and positive. He can always better present teachers’ requirements and improve teaching effect.

3) Annual Excellent New Course Assistant——Nishimwe Adeline, was awarded as the newly hired course assistant of the year. She has strong adaptability and learning ability. She also has outstanding performance in classroom support.

4) Annual Excellent Experimental Course Assistant——Zhang Weicheng, was rewarded for his excellent management ability of experimental courses and his support of promoting the successful completion of experimental course.

5) Annual Excellent Communication Course Assistant——Xiao Zihan, was rewarded for her efficient communication skills in the position. She has built a communication bridge between teachers and students.

6) Annual Excellent Service Course Assistant——Liu Ganyu, was rewarded for his long-term support and dedication to the work of course assistant. He has provided support for the conduct of the curriculum of QMES for three consecutive years as a course assistant. He sets an excellent example for other course assistants.

7) Annual Excellent Course Assistant——Mei Leyun, Yan Mengyi, Qu Yueyang, Muhammad Ali Raza, Hannan Sajjad Sahi, Han Yu, Yu Xingchen, Liu Xinyu, Liao Linqing, Li Jiahui, Xiang Ziqian, Zhang Taotao, Yu Chuan, Gao Yusong, Yan Fei, Wei Heming, was rewarded for their outstanding performance of classroom support. Their positive and responsible attitude has played a good role in promoting teachers’ classroom teaching and experimental activities.

In addition, Alan Allman, Head of the course English for Science and Engineering, and Agne Kocnevaite, Head of the course Communication in Science and Engineering, also attended the course assistant recognition meeting. On behalf of the teachers of English group, Agne also expressed the recognition and gratitude towards course assistants for their work. After the meeting, the participating teachers and course assistants took a group photo.


Text: Li Yangyang

Picture: Li Yangyang

Review: Fan Xiaoli

Translator: Li Qianqian