Joining Hands with the World, Sailing with Determination: QMES Successfully Held the 2023 Freshmen Welcome Meeting

On the afternoon of September 1st, QMES held a welcome meeting for the 2023 freshmen at the Soaring Student Center on the Chang’an campus. The meeting was attended by Fan Xiaoli, Dean of QMES; Dai Fuping, Secretary of QMES Party Committee and Vice Dean of QMES; Gabriel Cavalli, Executive Vice Dean of QMES; Cheng Yin, Vice Secretary of QMES Party Committee and Vice Dean of QMES; Zhou Yongcun, Assistant Dean of QMES; department directors, counselors, and class teachers of 2023, all 2023 freshmen and some parents of them. The meeting was presided over by Vice Dean Dai Fuping.


Fan Xiaoli expressed a warm welcome and congratulations to the 2023 freshmen on behalf of the school. She provided a comprehensive introduction to the school, covering its overview, teaching operations, talent development, and student growth. The school gathers high-quality Chinese and British resources, drives teaching and scientific research, promotes teaching and research and student development in both directions, innovatively carries out international joint research, teaching, and education reforms, and always centers and adheres to the development strategy and talent cultivation concept. Currently, over 80% of the three graduating cohorts have pursued further studies at renowned domestic and international institutions, demonstrating strong comprehensive qualities and a sustained development trend. Fan hopes that 2023 freshmen can quickly adapt to university life and the teaching model of the school. She encourages them to take outstanding senior students as role models, actively strive for progress at this new starting point, expand their international perspectives, make full use of the educational resources and research platforms of both universities, actively seek new knowledge, and become outstanding innovative talents who meet the needs of the country and the demands of social development.


Gabriel Cavalli warmly welcomed the freshman and expressed his love for China through his lively and engaging speech, instantly bridging the gap between him and the newcomers. He mentioned that the QMES is a result of the long-standing commitment of both institutions to international exchange and cooperation in the field of Materials Science. It now represents a model for collaborative education in China. He then quoted the Chinese proverb to convey the message that a quality platform has been prepared for everyone and the door to the future has been opened. However, it is only through continuous hard work, expanding one’s mindset, and overcoming the difficulties and challenges on the path ahead that one can embark on a new chapter of a wonderful life.


Wang Chenyu from 2022 and Huang Yike from 2023 delivered speeches as student representatives. Wang Chenyu shared his insights and experiences in studying and living at NPU, encouraging the new students to have the courage and determination to face challenges head-on. Huang Yike, as a representative of the freshman, expressed his expectations for university life and emphasized that as young people in the new era, they should establish lofty ideals and aspirations. He also stated the importance of maintaining the ideal and pursuit of seeking true knowledge as well as called for collective efforts and collaboration in moving forward together.

In the end, all the attendees, including faculty and students, gathered for a group photo as a memento. Together, they witnessed the freshman of 2023 embarking on a new chapter in their lives and commencing their journey.


Text: Liu Yuming, Zhang Yekun

Photo: Liu Jia

Translator: Zhou Yaru

Review: Cheng Yin