Embrace the New Era with Enthusiasm, Remain Diligent in Action, and Move Forward toward the Future

To deeply study and implement Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, efforts have been made to cultivate “a new generation who are capable of shouldering the responsibilities of national rejuvenation.” QMES has launched a series of “First Lesson” activities for the incoming freshmen of the class of 2023. These activities aim to guide students in firming their ideals and beliefs, as well as assisting them in quickly integrating into university life.

Fan Xiaoli, Dean of QMES: Cultivating International Talents with the Qualities of Chief Engineers


At the beginning, on behalf of the school, Fan Xiaoli extended a warm welcome to the new students of the class of 2023. Under the theme of “cultivating international talents with the qualities of chief engineers,” she provides a comprehensive explanation of the school’s training program, including professional introduction, educational objectives, graduation requirements, academic structure and degree-granting, and curriculum module design. She then highlighted the advantages and characteristics of the school’s training methods. Firstly, through diversified teaching approaches, laboratory cooperation, and the establishment of a “learning-centered” teaching community, the school aims to enhance students’ learning abilities. Secondly, it adopts a talent cultivation model that integrates political discernment, proactive learning abilities, innovation and creativity, and global competence as its core, thereby comprehensively improving the effectiveness of moral education and talent development. Lastly, she expressed her earnest hopes for the students, encouraging them to cherish their time, make appropriate plans, fully utilize the educational resources and research platforms available from both China and the UK, cultivate a sense of patriotism, aspire to contribute to the nation and strive to become innovative talents with an international perspective, strong professional competitiveness, and high comprehensive qualities.

Dai Fuping, Secretary of the QMES Party Committee: Be a QMESer with Determination, Confidence, and Ambition


Party Secretary Dai Fuping, with the theme of “From Finite to Infinite,” painted a vision of university life for everyone. He emphasized the importance of proactive planning, as “preparation leads to success, lack of preparation leads to failure.” He pointed out that unlike the learning methods in secondary school, university education holds great significance. To begin with, students need to have clear plans and a clear understanding of their future development. They should be diligent in learning and thinking, strengthen self-management, actively participate in class activities, enhance their own abilities, and cultivate comprehensive qualities. He emphasized that in the new era, university students should “pursue excellence,” cultivate strong skills, and shoulder the responsibilities of the times. They should “lead the future,” dare to be pioneers, and promote social progress. Finally, he encouraged all the incoming freshmen of the class of 2023 to be down-to-earth, inclusive, cherish their youth, and be steadfast in their beliefs. He urged them to strive to become the “chief engineers” talents with a global perspective.



Then, in order to ensure a smooth start to their university studies, Miss Liu Kejia from the Teaching Affairs Office introduced the course characteristics of the college. She also explained important aspects and considerations throughout the entire educational process, including registration, course selection, grade management, minor programs, and changes in student records. She emphasized the requirements related to academic integrity. During the interactive session, she patiently answered students’ questions one by one, laying the foundation for the freshmen’s upcoming course selection work.


In accordance with the overall arrangements of the university and to maximize the protection of students’ property safety, enhance students’ ability to identify and prevent fraud, and resolutely curb the occurrence of various fraud cases, the school invited Officer Yang from the High-tech Sub-bureau of Xi’an Public Security Bureau to deliver a lecture on fraud prevention to the students. Officer Yang provided a systematic explanation of the methods and types of online fraud, as well as the preventive strategies that should be taken. Through real case studies, he showcased prevalent fraud methods such as online shopping rebate scams, campus loans, and the sale and rental of bank cards, effectively raising everyone's awareness of prevention and their ability to identify and counter fraud.

With new goals and a new journey, through this “First Lesson” for freshmen, students are filled with anticipation and expectations for university life. They will further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, cultivate a sense of patriotism, experience growth through taking on responsibilities, and seize opportunities for development on the college's international platform. They will set sail with determination to strive for their youthful dreams.

Text: Liu Yuming, Zhang Yekun, Liu Jia

Photo: Ma Xiaoxuan, Zheng Qiaoyu

Translator: Zhou Yaru

Review: Cheng Yin