QMES Held a Deployment Meeting for the Prevention and Control Work of the Covid-19 in Xi'an

On December 27, 2021, QMES held a deployment meeting for the prevention and control work of the Covid-19 in Xi’an, in which participants studied the spirit of NPU steering group’s meeting for the epidemic prevention and control and established QMES’ steering group to make specific arrangements in response to the current situation of Covid-19.Dai Fuping, Party Secretary of QMES, presided over this meeting.

Dai Fuping first conveyed the spirit of NPU steering group meeting, introduced NPU’s latest policies on epidemic prevention and control, and appealed to all the staff members of QMES to strictly implement the relevant requirements.All the primary-level Party branches, Party members and officials should actively respond to corresponding arrangements and give full play to the exemplary and leading role as Party members.

Fan Xiaoli, Vice Dean of QMES, reported on recent teaching work. Teaching Affairs Office responded quickly as soon as the lockdown order of Xi’an was issued, formulating and adjusting examination and teaching plan, so as to ensure the orderly operation of the teaching activities and final examination of QMES.At the same time, they actively communicated with all the teachers, paid attention to students’ study and state of mind, coordinated the teaching activities under the situation of lockdown, and prepared the teaching arrangements for the next semester in advance.

Cheng Yin, Vice Dean of QMES, reported on the progress of student work.The student working group has established a volunteer service team constituted by teachers and students for logistics support, such as management of students and food service.The five teacher-student integration Party branches of QMES also encouraged all the Party members to actively participate in volunteer services and to contribute their efforts to various works during the lockdown.

Dean Kong Jie made arrangements for the work of epidemic prevention and control.He pointed out that online teaching and academic activities should be carried out as soon as possible to enrich students’ academic life, give full play to the leading role of the counselor team;one-to-one care and guidance should be given to students who have difficulties in their study and life;and members of the QMES steering group should pay close attention to the mental trends of teachers and students. Furthermore, the General Affairs Office and Student Affairs Office must do well in data collection and reporting during the period of epidemic prevention and control, so as to guarantee the safe and stable operation of teaching and student work.

QMES steering group was fully responsible for the organization and supervision of epidemic prevention and control work, and arranged to purchase a batch of N95 masks, medical gloves, disinfectants and other materials for students. On the afternoon of December 28,the first anti-pandemic supplies were successfully delivered to Chang’an Campus. With the efforts of volunteer service team, the works of food delivery, psychological counseling, and supplies distribution were being done in an orderly manner.

QMES resolutely implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control of Xi’an and NPU, and actively arranged works on teaching, student assistance, faculty care and publicity work during the epidemic, in order to effectively ensure the health and safety of all the teachers and students.At the same time, all the faculty members and students of QMES should strictly abide by various regulations during this special period, and work together to defeat this pandemic.

Editor: Wu Sijia

Photo: Zhuo Sifei

Text: Wu A’jing, Li Yuanting

Review: Kong Jie, Dai Fuping