QMES Held a Work Report and Assessment Meeting of Year 2021 for Party Branch Secretaries’ Party Building Work

In order to implement various tasks of strengthening Party discipline, consolidate the organizational foundation of primary-level construction, and enhance the branch secretaries’ competence on Party construction, QMES held an online meeting of 2021 work report and assessment for Party branch secretaries of QMES on December 30, 2021, which was presided over by Cheng Yin, Deputy Party Secretary of QMES.

Dai Fuping, Party Secretary of QMES, introduced the overall process of this meeting, and explained in detail the relevant requirements of work report. Next, members of QMES’ five faculty-student Integration Party branches successively presented their reports on the work of Party Construction in 2021, in which they analyzed their existing problems and proposed corresponding improvement measures. Then, according to their work reports, the judges gave comments and scores for each of them.

At the end of the meeting, Dean Kong Jie demonstrated the opportunities faced by QMES’ newly established Party branches, and put forward several constructive advice for the key works of next year. Then, Party Secretary Dai Fuping made a summary of this meeting. He pointed out that talent cultivation was the core task of our school, and demanded that all Party branches should play their own advantages to know students’ state of mind and problems and provide relevant help in time. He added that, at the same time, we should also make a reasonable and scientific combination between the study of major courses and ideological and political courses, and deeply think about the strategies and measures to strengthen the Party Construction of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, so as to fully promote the high-quality development of various tasks of QMES.

Text: Bi Jialong

Editor: Wu Sijia

Photo: Bi Jialong

Review: Dai Fuping