QMES Held a Mobilization Meeting of the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination for Students of Class 2018

On December 20, 2021, QMES successfully held a mobilization meeting at the Conference Room 402 of East Teaching Building A for students of Class 2018 who would participate in the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination on December 25.Kong Jie, Dean of QMES; Dai Fuping, Party Secretary of QMES; Cheng Yin, Vice Dean of QMES; Huang Quanzhang, Director of Student Affairs Office; Zhuo Sifei, Counselor for students of Class 2018; and students of Class 2018 attended this meeting.

First of all, Dean Kong Jie demonstrated the optimization of student training plan of QMES, and the status of the postgraduate entrance examination and the overseas development of the previous students.Since the first recruitment in 2017, QMES always adhered to the student-centered educational concept, continuously optimized the training plan, and focused on the cultivation of compound and top-notch innovative talents by relying on the advanced resources of NPU and QMUL.Dean Kong Jie stressed that the school fully respected students’ diversified development intentions.He believed that the arduous preparation for the postgraduate entrance examination brought students enough confidence to face this exam, and it was hoped that they could strengthen their faith, adjust their mentality, and deal with it calmly.At the same time, Dean Kong Jie suggested that the students also should dynamically adjust their development direction, taking into account the actual situation, and actively communicate with teachers about their follow-up plans.

Secretary Dai Fuping encouraged students to enhance confidence, clarify goals and rise to the challenge, on the basis of data analysis of the previous postgraduate entrance examinations. Secretary Dai Fuping noted that the examination was imminent, while the current situation of the pandemic in Xi’an was relatively severe. Thus, he reminded students to strengthen their awareness of epidemic prevention and control, and pay attention to their diets, for maintaining a healthy physical and mental state was the premise of achieving good results.

After the meeting, Dean Kong Jie and Secretary Dai Fuping distributed the gift packages for the postgraduate entrance examination to the students. They wished each of them could succeed in this exam and realize their dreams. The students were very inspired by this meeting and said that they would try their best to have a good result.

QMES has attached great importance to students’ further studies both at home and abroad, and takes student development as a significant factor in the contribution to the maintenance of positive study atmosphere and the effectiveness of talent cultivation.QMES not only establishes and improves the mobilization and incentive mechanisms for students’ further study, but also continuously provides professional guidance and psychological adjustment service for students’ diversified development.

Editor: Wu Sijia

Photo: Bi Jialong

Text: Ye Yaowen; Chen Kejia

Review: Kong Jie