QMES Relaunch the Activity of Meeting QMUL Teachers

Meeting QMUL Teachers is a teacher-student exchange event organized by QMES, which aims to enhance the interaction between teachers of QMUL and students of QMES.

As soon as the activity was launched, teachers from QMUL actively signed up, including not only Faith Nightingale and Agne Kocnevaite, who have been accompanying the students since the school was founded, but also some fresh faces. Representatives of teachers and students gathered online to share their experiences and feelings in study and life.

On November 29th, the event saw the most welcomed teacher Faith Nightingale. Faith had prepared abundant interesting content for this activity. First of all, she introduced to the students the whole process of cake-making, various kinds of baked cakes, special food, British table manners and other cultural customs. The students gravitated to her and expressed that the activity was fantastic in content and novel in form, which greatly enriched their extracurricular life.

Next, Faith shared her wonderful travel and work experiences in UAE and New Zealand, her understanding of different cultures and her unforgettable friendship with students from different countries. Some students enthusiastically exchanged their overseas study experiences. Faith raised her expectations that students could enjoy the small-class teaching and taught-in-English teaching during the overseas study tour, transform their thinking patterns to critical thinking, appreciate the diverse world, and make self-improvement. Finally, this activity concluded with Faith's beautiful wishes to the students. The exchange meeting was rich in content, which broadened the students' horizons, added lusters to students' after-school life, and promoted mutual understanding between teachers and students.

QMES always adheres to the talent cultivation mode to improve the "Four Abilities" of students, and focuses on improving students' global competence, caring for students, serving students wholeheartedly and cultivating comprehensive innovative talents who are able to study and work transnationally and have lifelong learning ability.

Text: Meng Jiarong

Editor: Wu Sijia

Translator: Liu Yang

Review: Cheng Yin