2023 New Year’s Message from QMES, NPU

Dear teachers, students, and parents,

As spring is approaching, a new year arrives. On the occasion of the beginning of the new year, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and respect to the teachers who work hard, the students who study diligently, the alumni who continue to forge ahead, the parents who entertain expectations for their children, and the leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who support and contribute to the development of QMES. Wish you all a happy New Year and that everything goes well!

Looking back at 2022, we have made great achievements by sticking to our ideals. The 20th CPC National Congress has been concluded successfully and our country has embarked on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country. While China unswervingly upholds the opening-up policy and shares its development opportunities with the people around the world, QMES has made great efforts to absorb high-quality international education resources and secured gratifying achievements in talent cultivation under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and with the strong support of NPU.

Looking back to 2022, we strengthened the leadership of the Party, gave full play to the leading role of Party construction, earnestly studied, publicized and implemented the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, established a new pattern of all-round ideological and political education, and effectively improved students’ political discernment.

By integrating of the British and Chinese education characteristics, namely critical thinking and value shaping, giving full play to the function of QMES Party Committee and the fundamental role of the Party branches, and making the best use of exemplary roles of the Party members, we have constructed the Linghang Ideological and Political Classroom and four Party branches with the integration of teachers and students, which ensures the socialist direction of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools. We adhered to the fundamental task of cultivating talents, guided students to have a comprehensive and objective understanding of contemporary China and the international world. Moreover, QMES was awarded the Advanced Educational Unit of the Year 2022. QMES always attaches great importance to the mass and united front work, supervises the student associations regularly, and elected the first Youth League Committee and leaders of the Labour Union of QMES. In this year, there are 77 new probationary Party members being recruited, and 111 probationary members being accepted as the full members. The first general meeting of QMES Party Committee was successfully convened, in which the first Party committee members were elected, the experience of running the school over the past six years was reviewed and a general plan for the QMES’ development was drawn up.

Looking back at 2022, we improved the top-level design of talent training and bidirectional incentive policy, constructed a modular and progressive course system of “general knowledge + professional knowledge + personality development + quality development”, enriched the diversified development of course groups, built a platform to promote internal and external linkage, and effectively enhanced students’ competitiveness.

QMES continuously takes education as the top priority, learns from outstanding Party members and peers. We provide platforms for students’ international development and academic improvement, and targeted multi-dimensional guidance on the choice of universities and majors and application for overseas study. In 2022, we enhanced students’ learning motivation and international competence, and successfully assisted students to apply for overseas universities in the UK, the US, Germany, Singapore and so on. The student of our double-master programme have successfully continued to study at QMUL, and “the 6th Sino-UK Symposium on Advanced Materials and Structures and PhD Summer School” was held with the support of JRI. Among the 229 graduates of the class of 2022, 90 went to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northwestern Polytechnical University and other domestic universities for further study, accounting for 39.3%; 91 students went to University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, ETH Zurich, University College London, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and other internationally renowned universities for further study, accounting for 39.74%. 65 students were admitted by the top 10 universities ranked by QS or U.S. News Best Global University Rankings, and 162 students received offers from the top 30 universities. Besides, 28 people have been employed by well-known enterprises and research institutes, such as Huawei Technologies Co., LTD., Shenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., LTD., the 12th Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. So far, the overall rate of the two batches of graduates pursuing further study exceeds 80%, which ranks among the tops in China.

Looking back at 2022, we focused on top-level design and innovative working methods. Based on the principle of cultivating the talents through scientific research, we attached great importance to the cultivation and inheritance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship projects and continuously optimized the curriculum system, so as to enhance students’ competence on innovation and creativity.

Following the progressive professional development path, we focused on the cultivation of students’ mathematical foundation, language ability, professional knowledge and skills and professional practice ability. We also adhered to the abilities improvement on critical thinking, teamwork, and engineer’s thinking and creativity. In 2022, our students achieved a breakthrough in the 8th International “Internet +” Competition, winning 1 gold award, 1 silver award and 4 bronze awards. The programs of QMES’ students were awarded 3 first prizes, 12 second prizes and 1 Honorable Mention in the American Mathematical Contest in Modeling. We also have 116 projects in college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition wining the approval, which ranked the first at NPU. In addition, students won 3 gold awards in “Internet+” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Shaanxi Province; 1 gold prize in the Shaanxi “Challenge Cup” Competition; 2 outstanding awards and 4 first prize of the 20th NPU “AAMS Cup” Competition. In total, there were 515 teams and 2102 person-times participated in various innovation and entrepreneurship projects, among which, 621 people won the prizes.What’s more, we won 1 “Model Team”, 1 “Model Class”, and our Youth League Committee was also awarded by NPU.

Looking back at 2022, we realized that education, science and technology, and talents are the basic and strategic support for building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Based on the 4 Action Plans and 100 tasks, QMES continuously strengthened the construction of first-class universities and disciplines and promoted its comprehensive and rapid development. In addition, we brought together high-level excellent teachers, including 21 excellent teachers from QMUL and held all-English seminars on the exchanges of teaching experience. Meanwhile, we also strengthened the training of Party branch secretaries, counselors, class advisors and administrative cadres, constantly improving the organizational structure of the QMES and the cultural literacy, professional ability and work efficiency of all the staff members. We actively responded to the national policy, overcame the impact of the COVID-19 and quickly restarted the overseas training and research activities for teachers and students. Also, we cooperated with the School of Foreign Studies and Honors College to jointly build the first “International Community” and the first “Qizhen Student Community”. In 2022, QMES has been successively elected the third chairman units of the Chinese-Foreign Joint Institutes Committee. Furthermore, QMES has successfully completed the revision of the agreement and articles of Sino-foreign cooperative education; the application for the extension of the enrollment permit period and the school-running permit period; and the argumentation on the extension of Sino-foreign majors, which laid the foundation for continuously promoting the opening up on education of NPU.

Looking back at 2022, we worked together to shoulder the missions and share the glory, adhered to the original intention of morality education, improved the quality of international innovative talents cultivation, which constantly injects forces into the NPU’s advancement on education opening-up.

Looking forward to 2023, we will firmly adhere to the goal of talents training, cultivating globalized leading talents who can learn and work transnationally with solid foundation in Natural Science, Materials Science and Engineering and Humanities, comprehensive qualities, high professional competence, global horizons, life-long learning abilities, and recognition to international rules.

The New Year is coming now! Finally, wish all teachers, students, parents and friends a happy New Year once again. Best wishes to you all!

Dean of QMES: Fan Xiaoli

Secretary of the Party Committee of QMES: Dai Fuping

January 1st , 2023