QMES Held a Workshop on English-language Instruction

To enhance the English teaching proficiency of teachers, facilitate the exchange of teaching experience, and ensure the quality of international education of QMES, a workshop on English-language Instruction was held on December 7, 2023, at West Building of Graduate Studies XA304, Youyi Campus. The workshop was held both online and offline.

The workshop has extended invitations a distinguished panel of expert judges, including Professor Shi Xuetao from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Professor Zheng Zebang and Associate Professor Liu Jianxi from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and Alan Allman from QMES to serve as expert judges. Furthermore, the workshop featured the participation of three talented freshmen from 2023 cohort, who served as student judges. The group engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges on the topic of English-language instruction. Zhang Juan chaired the conference.

The first simulated teaching session was conducted by Lei Xiaowei, who teaches the laboratory course of “General Physics”. He provided a concise overview of the general process and underlying physical principles involved in the discharge method for measuring resistance. He explained the calculation issues and formulas about resistance, helping students better comprehend the measurement of high-level resistance using the discharge method.


Furthermore, Wang Hongyue, who teaches “General Physics” focused on the superposition of waves during the simulated teaching session. He skillfully integrated everyday life examples into the course and utilised the whiteboard to demonstrate formula derivations. He went on to provide further explanations on the theory of the superposition of waves, employing the method of drawing intuitive diagrams to analyze problems in a clear and accessible manner.


The next simulated lecture was given by Yang Yanfeng, who taught Manufacturing Processes. He introduced the key points of the class through examples, using delicate slides and everyday manufacturing techniques to highlight the main theme of the lecture. He actively interacted with students, using interesting and engaging language to make the classroom environment relaxed and lively.


The final lecture was delivered by Ms. Luo Ting, whose presentation on ‘Fatigue and Creep Failure’ captivated both teachers and students alike. She employed accessible language to elucidate the concepts of material fatigue and creep, using vivid analogies to render microscopic phenomena readily comprehensible. Throughout her lecture, she demonstrated particular attentiveness to student feedback, readily adjusting the pace of her instruction as necessary.


Subsequently, the judges provided suggestions and feedback on the teachers’ teaching methods, blackboard design, and slides content design during the simulated teaching session. Zhang Juan shared valuable experiences in teaching professional modules and online classes. Students also expressed their thoughts and suggestions on the classes they attended.

This workshop was a “access” trial lecture for teachers who teach in the QMES , which is strictly monitored by the school. The admission exchange provided a platform for teachers to communicate and learn, and it is an essential component of the exploration and practice of QMES in developing a talent cultivation system that focuses on comprehensively enhancing students’ international competitiveness. With this workshop as an opportunity, QMES will continue to deepen the construction of first-class courses and the internationalisation of teaching teams, relying on the International Center for Teaching and Learning (ICTL) of QMES, to promote the development of education with high-quality internal connotations and assist in achieving the “127’ goal of NPU.

Text: Li Zhiyuheng, Ding Jing

Photo: Ding Jing

Edit: Tang Yinwen

Translate: Shen Xinyi