School-Enterprise Collaboration Fuels Development, Opening a New Chapter of Mutual Benefit and Shared Prosperity: QMES Conducted Research at Excellent Alumni Enterprises in Hainan Province and Signs Cooperative Agreements

To further expand the scale of internship and training base for QMES students, providing a more comprehensive and professional educational environment with a stronger practical focus to improve the quality of talent cultivation and enhance employment competitiveness, a delegation of seven, including Wan Xiaopeng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of NPU Taicang Zhihui Port, Fan Xiaoli, Dean of QMES, Xie Faqin, Professor at the School of Civil Aviation, Zhang Xiaohua, Vice Dean of the School of Civil Aviation, and Li Chen, Executive Vice Dean of the Civil Aviation Research Institute, visited Hainan Province from December 12th to 14th, 2023. They conducted research at Jinlin Group and HNA Aviation Technic Co., Ltd. (HNA Technic), and also visited the Jinlin Group’s Haikou Jiazi General Airport.

Liu Yu, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jinlin Group, warmly received the team. Xu Xiaojie, Deputy General Manager of Jinlin Group, Tang Yong, Full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Jiang Jingbo, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection, Chen Bo, Manager of the Investment and Development Department, Li Ziming, General Manager of Hanxiang Company, and Jing Kun, General Manager of Baisha Company, participated in the discussion. Both sides had in-depth exchanges. During the meeting, Liu Yu first introduced the overview of the Jinlin Group. She expressed that Jinlin Group will undergo restructuring with China General Aviation Co., Ltd, providing students with broader training space and opportunities. She hoped both sides could leverage their expertise and resource advantages to establish a long-term and close cooperative relationship.


Wan Xiaopeng expressed his gratitude to the Jinlin Group for providing students with practical training opportunities. He believes that this training course is not only based on aviation but also incorporates the characteristics of the Hainan Free Trade Port and its natural and cultural characteristics. Through these courses, students will not only improve their vocational skills but also gain a deeper understanding of the forefront of China’s reform and opening up.

Fan Xiaoli provided an overview of the current situation of education at QMES, emphasizing its aim to cultivate top-tier innovative talents with both a strong sense of patriotism and global competitiveness. She expressed the hope that through this internship programme, students would gain an understanding of the current situation of civil aviation development and a deeper insight into the national conditions of China. Additionally, through practical training, students would learn the value of hard work, cultivating a strong sense of responsibility, self-reliance, and resilience.

Subsequently, QMES and Jinlin Group collaborated on the discussion of the internship training programme. Taking into account the opinions and suggestions of experts at the School of Civil Aviation, certain modules were improved. Furthermore, a signing ceremony was held to formalize the partnership between the two entities in talent development.

The research team also visited HNA Technic to inspect the students’ internship and practical training base and toured the Grand China Aircraft Maintenance Hangar to gain a deeper understanding of what the students will learning and how they will learn it. Based on this understanding, both sides attended a discussion session on how to enrich the content of the internship and practical training courses.


Zhang Chong, Deputy General Manager of the Training and Management Department at HNA Technic, He Changhuai, Deputy Director of the Grand China Airpark Maintenance Base at HNA Technic, Zhang Xin, Recruitment Manager at HNA Technic, and Jia Ruijing, Recruitment Specialist at HNA Technic, were present at the symposium. During the meeting, Zhang Chong provided a comprehensive overview of the company’s profile and presented detailed information regarding the course training. He expressed his aspirations for this internship and practical training programme to enhance students’ understanding of the civil aviation industry while fostering a synergistic blend of knowledge and talent within the company. Furthermore, he aimed to attract a greater number of exceptional NPU students to join HNA Technic.


Wan Xiaopeng emphasized the issue of student safety during this internship and training programme and further illustrated the importance of safety using cases. He stated that both sides must strengthen their sense of responsibility and regulate internship management while prioritizing safety at all times. In terms of course content, he hoped to invite model workers to share their personal experiences participating in rescue efforts, promoting education on the spirit of model workers, labour and craftsmanship, and delivering an engaging ideological and political class for students.

Fan Xiaoli first provided an overview of QMES, expressing her hope that HNA Technic could actively seek and consider students’ opinions and suggestions. Based on this, she aimed to further enrich the curriculum and leverage this collaboration as an opportunity to establish the project as a flagship demonstration initiative, to extend its impact across various schools in NPU.


The current research has fostered enhanced communication between QMES and the enterprise, establishing a robust groundwork for reciprocal resource sharing and mutual benefit. Looking ahead, QMES will continue to expand internship and practical training opportunities, with plans to initiate a collaboration with the Wan Ning National Field Science Observation Research Station for Atmospheric Environment and Material Corrosion. This initiative aims to enrich project content and further drive the seamless integration of educational requisites and industrial needs, ensuring a “zero-distance” alignment between talent cultivation and enterprise requirements. We are committed to implementing a holistic approach to talent development, intending to significantly enhance the quality of talent cultivation.

Text: Fan Lanyu

Photo: Fan Lanyu

Edit: Tang Yinwen

Translate: Shen Xinyi

Review:Fan Xiaoli