QMES Held the Second Seminar on the Examination and Academic Discipline Construction in the Autumn Semester of 2023-2024 Academic Year

On December 22, 2023, QMES held a seminar on the construction of examination and academic discipline in Autumn semester of 2023-2024 academic year at Room 413, East Teaching Building A, Changan Campus. The seminar was attended by Zhou Yongcun, Assistant to the Dean, as well as all staff from the Teaching Affairs Office and Student Affairs Office. The meeting was chaired by Yang Ye, Director of Teaching Affairs Office.

During the meeting, Liu Kejia introduced the examination regulations of NPU and QMES, with a particular focus on matters related to examination misconduct, disciplinary actions, and invigilation. The academic specialists of each grade reported on the situation regarding students who received academic early warnings and other matters concerning final year project. Yang Ye provided information on important considerations for final examinations in QMUL modules.

Subsequently, the attending teachers engaged in an in-depth discussion on issues related to academic warning for students, common problems in course selection, discipline during final exams, and the working mechanism of academic specialists. Huang Quanzhang offered suggestions and recommendations, hoping that the teaching model could provide overall guidance on the common issues in course selection. Yang Ye stated that the Teaching Affairs Office has already implemented methods such as student situation investigation, collection of course selection issues, coordination with academic specialists to each cohort, and online Q&A sessions with teaching secretaries. The teaching affairs office have also created a Q&A manual for teaching issues to help students address their concerns.

After receiving the reports from all the teachers, Zhou Yongcun emphasized that the construction of examination and academic discipline is one of the primary focuses for both QMES and NPU. It holds significant importance in enhancing educational standards, nurturing talent, and promoting student development. Currently, some students demonstrate inappropriate attitudes towards learning, lack clear goals and plans, and exhibit a restless academic demeanour. In light of this, QMES must strengthen its promotional and educational endeavours by guiding students through class meetings, seminars, and other platforms.

The present meeting represented a significant exploration in implementing the integrated mechanism of teaching and student affairs. In the next steps, QMES will clarify the professional responsibilities and scope of work for academic affairs and collaborate with class teachers and counsellors to carry out personalised guidance for students. The Teaching Affairs Office and the Student Affairs Office will enhance communication and coordination in future work, continuously improving the level of examination and academic discipline construction within QMES, and enhancing the quality of talent cultivation

Text: Jing Tingting

Photo: Jing Tingting

Edit: Ma Huili

Translate: Shen Xinyi

Review: Fan Xiaoli