“Youth Meets Research Path” QMES Conducted Postgraduate Entrance Exam Consolation Activity

To enhance the confidence of students preparing for postgraduate entrance exams and alleviate their stress, QMES organized consolation activities at two campuses on the evening of December 21st. Dean Fan Xiaoli, Party Secretary and Vice Dean Dai Fuping, Vice Party Secretary Cheng Yin, counselor Huang Quanzhang, and part-time counselor Zheng Zhi attended the event.


The school leaders, on behalf of the school, have expressed their care and blessings to the graduate entrance exam students. They highly praise and affirm the spirit of perseverance, hard work, and brave pursuit of dreams demonstrated by the students. They encourage the students to maintain a balanced mindset during the final stage of revision, to manage their time effectively, and to give their all in completing the “last mile” of the journey toward the postgraduate entrance exam. The school leaders encouraged students to strive for good results with unwavering belief, a calm and composed attitude, and unwavering determination. At the same time, they extend their best wishes to the students for success in the exam and hope that they will achieve outstanding results.

Subsequently, the faculty leaders presented the students with carefully prepared “postgraduate exam gift packs,” which included stationery sets, milk, snack packages, and other consolation items, embodying the school’s affectionate care and earnest hopes for the students. The students expressed that they would carry this warmth and support from the school into their upcoming exams, aiming to perform their best and meet expectations.

QMES always places great importance on students’ advancement in higher education. The school actively fosters a rich learning atmosphere, constantly attends to students’ developmental needs, and provides comprehensive services and support as well as spares no effort to safeguard and boost the success of students preparing for postgraduate exams. With classical Chinese poetry that expresses the encouragement for students to bravely pursue their goals, not to linger, and that a bright future awaits ahead, the school wishes all postgraduate exam candidates to stay true to their original aspirations, succeed splendidly, and achieve their best on the track of youth.

Text: Yang Kai, Huang Quanzhang

Photo: Zhang Xicheng

Translator: Zhou Yaru

Review: Cheng Yin