QMES Held the 16th SSLC Meeting

The 16th Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meeting of QMES was successfully held on the evening of December 15th in Room 413 of the East Teaching Building Block A, Chang’an Campus, NPU. Cheng Yin, Vice Dean of the QMES and Chair of the SSLC; Li Wang, Co-Chair of the SSLC and Student Affairs Director; Faith Nightingale, Teaching Affairs Director; faculty members Deng Xinru and Huang Quanzhang; counselors of each grade, and student representatives participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Cheng Yin.


Cheng Yin warmly welcomed the faculty members and student representatives. Attended members collectively approved the minutes of the 15th SSLC meeting. Subsequently, student representatives discussed issues encountered this semester in course study and laboratory coat exchange. Faculty members provided patient feedback and answers to the issues raised by student representatives.

Approaching the end of the semester, in order to continuously strengthen the construction of a good academic atmosphere and prevent academic misconduct, Professor Deng Xinru explained the examination rules and regulations and reminded students to bring their personal identification and necessary items for the exams. She emphasized the determination of examination misconduct and cheating and the corresponding measures for handling such behaviors. Professor Huang Qianzhang requested students to strictly abide by the relevant examination rules and regulations of the school and the college, avoid any sense of luck, and firmly eliminate cheating behaviors.


In the end, Professor Li Wang briefly introduced the preliminary arrangements for the QMES Summer School in 2024 and warmly invited students to actively participate. Cheng Yin summarized the meeting, expressed gratitude for the suggestions and comments from the members of SSLC, and tentatively set the date for the next meeting. The SSLC will continue to serve as a bridge for communication between staff and students, help and serve students, and create a broader development space for promoting the cultivation of internationally oriented innovative talents in the school.

Photo: Meng Jiarong

Text: Meng Jiarong

Editor: Tang Yinwen

Translator: Zhou Yaru

Review: Cheng Yin