Students of QMES Won the Outstanding Awards and Other Honors in the 20th “AAMS Cup” Competition of College Students’ Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Works

On March 29, the 20thNPU“AAMS Cup” Competition of College Students’ Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Works came to a successful conclusion. A total of 32 winning entries from QMES were awarded prizes, including 2 Outstanding Prizes, 4 First Prizes, 10 Second Prizes and 16 Third Prizes. The project “Hongneng Technology – Supplier of Gradient Coating R & D and Improvement Service for Fuel Cladding Tubes in Nuclear Industry” conducted by Liao Yanshan, Li Jiaxuan, Hai Yingchao, Su Yuxin, Zhang Zhiru, Xiao Weirong, Cao Rongtian, Yang Yuge, Yu Qifan and Li Hang and the project “Star of Triazine – Dendrite-free Sodium Metal Batteries based on Triazine Porous Organic Framework” conducted by He Shuyue, Zhuang Rong, Liao Jimeng, Luan Ruoyu, Zhao Chenbin, Li Yuxuan, Han Miaoshuang, Feng Wenzhuo, Qian Yiyi and Huang Yuanhong won the Outstanding Prize. The project “Flexible Electronic Skin based on Electrospinning PVA/Borax/RGO Conductive Nanofibers” of Li Ziyi’s team, the project “Integrated Multifunctional Intelligent Umbrella Barrel” of Cheng Shuaici’s team, the project “Research on the Crystal Structure and Properties of a Novel Nontoxic Light Absorber CuBiI4” of Gao Zike’s team, and the project “Research on the Consumption Willingness of Generation Z to Purchase Household Cleaning Appliances” of Wen Jiyuan’s team respectively were awarded the First Prize in the competition.10 teams ofLin Yidong, Ye Yaowen, Qian Yiyi, Lu Jiayang, Gong Yujiu, Qu Chang, Ye Yuanming, Xue Yuhe, Zhang Jingqi and Yang Haocheng won the Second Prize for their projects. In addition, 17 projects were awarded the Third Prize.

QMES attached great importance to the 20th “AAMS Cup” Science and Technology Competition and strongly supported students to participate in it.Before the competition, QMES focused on the creation of normalized atmosphere, including actively organizing a series of activities of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Culture Month, displaying the previous excellent scientific projects and competition projects of QMES in the form of posters, and inviting some experts, scholars and outstanding teams in “Challenge Cup” and “Internet+” competition, which provided technical instruction and consultation for the participants of this competition.Affected by the epidemic, the semi-final of “AAMS Cup” was held online. QMES actively allocated workforce and resources to provide venues, equipment and staff of this online defense for teams participating in the semi-final, so as to ensure the good network and environment during the competition and the smooth progress of the competition.

It is reported that the NPU “AAMS Cup” Competition of College Students’ Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Works has been held for 20 consecutive years and become a traditional scientific and technological activity for students.The competition consists of three categories: innovation group, entrepreneurship group and public welfare group, covering a wide range of content and knowledge, and is an important platform for students to understand innovation and entrepreneurship events, which plays a very important role in cultivating students’ entrepreneurial consciousness, innovative spirit and creative ability.The competition has lasted for five months since it was launched in October 2021, which was divided into three stages: the preliminary, the semi-final and the final. The competition was contested by a total of more than 500 projects, and finally 13 Outstanding Prizes, 34 First Prizes, 86 Second Prizes and 170 Third Prizes were awarded.QMES recommended 53 projects to participate in the semi-final, of which 17 projects were successfully selected into the final, including 8 innovative projects, 8 entrepreneurial projects and 1 public welfare projects. The number of prizes has achieved a historic breakthrough.Among them, the number of Outstanding Prize, First Prize and Second Prize projects accounted for 15.3%, 11.8% and 11.6% respectively of the corresponding awards in the “AAMS Cup” Science and Technology Competition.

The excellent achievement fully reflects the good results of QMES’s commitment to scientific research and education as well as the cultivation of students’ innovation and creativity, and also shows the good spirit of our students’ determination to innovate and meet challenges. Next, QMES will take innovation and entrepreneurship education as the focus of improving the quality of talent training, put all its effort to integrate resources and build platforms, continuously enhance the core competitiveness and hard power of projects, encourage students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship activities and various scientific and technological competitions, and fully improve their comprehensive quality and practical ability, so as to cultivate young people of the era with ideals, abilities and responsibilities!

Text: Zhang Jingqi

Photo: Gong Yujiu and Ti Jiaying

Edit: Wu Sijia

Review: Kong Jie

Translator: Liu Kaixuan