QMES Held the Kick-off Meeting of International Higher Mathematics Curriculum Construction

In order to further implement the concept of student-centred education and build a community of teaching and learning, QMES has set up the third International Higher Mathematics Curriculum Construction Project which aims to cultivate students' international learning ability, programming ability, teamwork ability and comprehensive quality on the basis of optimizing teaching resources and promoting the taught-in-English teaching mode.

On the afternoon of January 18th, the launching meeting of International Higher Mathematics Curriculum Construction Project officially began. Dai Fuping, Party Secretary of QMES, Zhang Ying, Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Mathematics and Statistics and 42 students who participated in the project attended the meeting which was presided over by Zhang Yaxin, an 2021 cohort undergraduate from QMES.

Dai Fuping said that the international development of higher mathematics was completely consistent with the educational philosophy of the school. QMES always attaches great importance to the implementation and promotion of the project and will provide all-around support and help for students. Later, Lin Wanran, 2017 cohort graduate, relating to her experience in the first phase of the project, encouraged everyone to carry on this project, improve it constantly and make new achievements.

Deputy Secretary Zhang introduced the development and achievements of the project, and said that Single Variable Calculus was the most popular English-version course of higher mathematics on MOOC. She encouraged students to spread the beneficial experience of the project, promote the curriculum to be in line with international standards, and enhance international learning ability. Finally, Ms Zhang introduced the next work plan, including the optimization and improvement of MOOC, the construction and operation of new media platforms and terminals, and encouraged students to put forward new ideas and suggestions for the development of the course based on their understanding of the course.

This meeting was the first meeting of the members of the 2023 International Higher Mathematics Curriculum Construction Project. Based on the future development of the course construction proposed by Ms Zhang, members of the project will pool their wisdom to make higher mathematics effectively boost students' professional learning and comprehensive development, and upgrade international talent training of QMES to a new level.

Text: Zhang Yaxin

Photo: Wang Ruixi

Editor: Wu Sijia

Translator: Liu Yang

Review: Zhang Ying, Cheng Yin