Documentary on Online Volunteer Teaching and Rural Revitalization of Starflag-Bearers of QMES

In order to enrich life in the winter holiday, respond to the call of pragmatism, and expand the effectiveness of social practice, Starflag-Bearers, a social practice team of QMES, carried out the winter vacation activities which focused on online volunteer teaching and the strategy of rural revitalization. The team members demonstrated the intellectual equipment and a high sense of social responsibility of the students of NPU who are dedicated to rural revitalization with concrete actions.

1. Volunteer Teaching is on the Way

Poverty alleviation should be guided by wisdom and national revitalization relies on talent. During the winter vacation, Starflag-Bearers cooperated with Xi 'an Youth Palace to provide volunteer teaching for primary and middle school students in Dongju Village, Houzhen Town, Lantian County, Xi 'an, delivering academic guidance for the children and witnessing their development. The team members interacted with children online and solved their learning difficulties by elaborating on examples and answering questions on the homework. While imparting knowledge, the volunteers combined learning with fun to promote students to cultivate healthy life habits. Starflag-Bearers contributes to rural revitalization greatly.

Since its establishment, the team has organized many online voluntary teaching activities. By continuously reflecting on their teaching experience, the team members strive for excellence to make the teaching activities achieve greater results and provide more help for the juniors. In view of the wide age span of the students receiving volunteer teaching, the team members made a detailed division of labour according to the characteristics of the students in different grades. The voluntary teachers with excellent expression ability were in charge of the first-grade students to help them better adapt to the learning environment and learning methods. For the students in the second and third grades who were about to take the high school entrance examination, the voluntary teachers with special subject skills were arranged to carry out targeted assistance. A total of 58 people participated in the voluntary teaching activity. The team members joined hands, made full use of their knowledge, gave full play to their competence and successfully completed the teaching task. They helped nearly 100 primary and middle school students, making their contribution to the popularization and development of education in rural revitalization.

2. Rural Revitalization Never Stops

To work out the obscure problems in rural revitalization, the team took Dongju Village as a sample to conduct a social survey and study the achievements of the strategy of rural revitalization. Through field research on the current situation of Dongju Village, and focusing on the factors affecting the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization and the entrepreneurial direction of college students returning to the village after graduation, the team contributed their wits to the more effective implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization.

By virtue of online exchange activities, the team obtained samples through online questionnaires to understand the locals' understanding of the achievements of rural vitalization, as well as the current situation and expectations of "talent construction" in rural vitalization. By combining literature and questionnaires, the multidimensional method was produced. Scale questions were designed to explore residents' satisfaction with various aspects of life and reflect important factors affecting the implementation of the strategy, so as to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of data. Then, SPSS was used to obtain further results. The following are some of the findings of the team:

This research focused on the current situation of rural revitalization, development direction, talent construction and other aspects to design the questionnaire, and investigated the satisfaction of residents and development of college students returning home to start businesses, contributing to the revitalization of rural talents and rural culture.

3. Practice Opens a New Chapter

Through this documentary activity on rural vitalization, the team takes online volunteer teaching as the starting point to bring knowledge to rural primary and middle school students and help rural vitalization with practical actions. At the same time, the social survey was carried out to deeply explore the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization and the construction of talents. Taking Dongju Village as a sample, a comprehensive and multi-level research was conducted on rural revitalization from the near to the far, from the surface to the inside. Through this practice, the team members have had a deeper understanding of the strategy. The vigorous atmosphere of the countryside in the new era and the charm brought by the rural revitalization attracted everyone. The students were encouraged to make efforts in obtaining scientific and cultural knowledge, to use their own knowledge to facilitate rural development, and to contribute their youth to rural revitalization.

Text: Deng BuGe, Yu Junhao, Feng Ze, Han Huichun

Photo: Ding Zeran, Fu Jinghao, Han Huichun, Li Ruoyuan, Yang Yaru

Editor: Wu Sijia

Translator: Liu Yang

Review: Cheng Yin