Photography Theme Exchange Meeting Was Successfully Held by QMES and the School of Foreign Studies

On May 17, 2023, the photography theme exchange meeting was jointly organized by the Student Union of QMES and the Student Union of the School of Foreign Studies in Room 410, East Teaching Building A, Chang’an Campus. With the theme of “How to Take High-quality Photos?”, the meeting attracted more than 30 students from the New Media Center of the Student Union of the two colleges and other photography enthusiasts. The meeting was presided over by Ma Zhiheng. Zhang Yunze, a student from the School of Foreign Studies gave the lecture.

At the meeting, Zhang Yunze first shared the relevant skills of conference photography and explained the image selection requirements of the press release, including “elements contained in photos” and “information displayed by pictures” based on the knowledge of photography. Subsequently, he gave some positive and negative examples to make students have a deeper understanding of the precautions about taking pictures.

Students actively participated in on-site practice session. They carried out framing and taking photos in the form of scene simulation, which made them memorize and practice the theoretical content in the actual operation.

The meeting improved students’ photography level, promoting the mutual understanding and mutual learning of the Student Unions of two Schools, injecting new vitality into the publicity work of the Student Union of QMES. The meeting also played a positive role in promoting the work of new media center of the Student Union.

Text: Liu Yuxin, Zeng Xiaoxi

Picture: Zeng Xiaoxi

Graphic editor: Tang Yinwen

Responsible editor: Ma Zhiheng

Review: Cheng Yin

Translator: Li Qianqian