Wang Yongxin

 Position: AC Member



 Personal Profile Link:http://teacher.nwpu.edu.cn/wangyongxin

 Prof. Wang Yongxin is Vice Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering. In 2011 and 2012, he was Visiting Scholar of Materials Science and Engineering at University of Toronto. He is in charge of National Superior Course and Sharing Class of National Fine Resources, Head of Shaanxi Teaching Team of “Materials Science”, Excellent Teacher of Shaanxi, and one of “the most popular teachers” in NPU. He is also Chief Editor of a textbook granted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As a teacher, he has delivered lectures on Fundamentals of Materials Science, Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering, and Engineering Materials to undergraduates, and Methods of Computational Materials Science, Metal Materials and Its Application, and Alloy Design to graduates. He has focused on research of microstructure, properties and solid-state phase transformation mechanism of advanced metal materials by using computer simulation methods. He has been in charge of and participated in a series of key projects. He has published Over 90 papers , among which over 70 have been indexed by SCI and over 50 by EI.