Notice on the Construction of the First-Class Undergraduate Course Project of QMES in 2022

Dear teachers:

In order to fully implement the content of National Education Conference and National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Colleges and Universities in the New Era, and according to the requirements of “Opinions on the Implementation of Constructing First-Class Undergraduate Courses from Ministry of Education”, “First-Class Undergraduate Talent Training Plan of NPU” and other documents to promote the construction of first-class undergraduate courses, QMES decided to carry out the declaration of first-class undergraduate course project, including online courses, offline courses, integrated offline and online courses, social practice courses and virtual simulation experimental teaching courses. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Guiding ideology

The project takes Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guidance, aiming to strengthen moral education and cultivate people.Focusing on student’s development, based on the demands of regional economic and social development as well as talent training goals, the project aims to optimize the curriculum structure, reconstruct teaching content, improve the overall design of the curriculum system, strengthen the deep integration of modern information technology and education, improve the process evaluation system to build first-class undergraduate courses of the new era and form a high-level first-class undergraduate course system with the characteristics of Sino-foreign cooperative education, thus improve the quality of talent training of QMES.

Construction goals

To create a batch of high-level, innovative and challenging first-class undergraduate courses of online,offline, integrated online and offline, virtual simulation experimental teaching and social practice. To improve the overall level of curriculum construction and the quality of curriculum teaching.

Construction scope

All undergraduate courses at QMES are eligible to apply.

Construction type

1.Online first-class courses

2.Offline first-class courses

3.Integrated online and offline first-class courses

4.Social practice first-class courses

5.Virtual simulation experimental teaching projects


The declared courses should achieve substantial reform results, have distinctive characteristics and good teaching effects among similar courses, and promise to continue to improve after being selected. While meeting the basic types and special requirements, the courses should also have innovation in teaching concepts, teaching achievements, course objectives, course design, course content, teaching organization and implementation, course management and evaluation, etc., and have great reference and promotion value.

The specific application requirements are consistent with the requirements of relevant courses at NPU this year.

Application materials

1.For online courses, please submit “Online First-Class Undergraduate Courses Data Information Sheet of QMES in 2022”(See Appendix 1) and “Application Form for Online First-Class Undergraduate Courses of QMES in 2022” (See Appendix 2);

2.For offline, integrated online and offline and social practice courses, please submit

“Application form for First-Class Undergraduate Courses of QMES in 2022”(See Appendix 3), video presentation of MP4 format (within 10 minutes, including teaching concept, curriculum design, curriculum implementation, reform results, etc., ) and other supporting materials (electronic version in PDF format).

3.For virtual simulation experimental teaching courses, please submit “Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching project Application Form of QMES in 2022” (See Appendix 4), supporting materials independently bounded into volumes, video electronic files on CD or mobile storage medium (The file name format of teaching video is:××××(teacher’s name) -××××(virtual simulation experimental teaching project. MP4 format, see attachment for video technical requirements and technical interface specifications)

Note: All materials should be in accordance with the application materials of the relevant courses of NPU in the year.

Project review

1.QMES has set up a first-class course project evaluation team, which is composed of the vice dean in charge of teaching, relevant first-class course experts and senior course lecturers etc. The evaluation team is responsible for reviewing projects, supervising and adjudicating the problems arising in the evaluation process of the first-class courses, and finally giving evaluation results.

2.The person in charge of the course participating in the accreditation must submit the application materials to QMES. The courses will be identified as a first-class courses of QMES after being reviewed and publicized without objection.

3.Projects identified as first-class undergraduate courses of QMES will be recommended to declare first-class undergraduate programs of NPU.

Financial support

The first-class undergraduate course projects recognized by QMES will be supported the construction funding of 20,000 RMB for each course.

Submission of materials

Each course must provide both electronic and paper copy materials. (Each course corresponds to one electronic material and one paper material).

Please submit the application materials beforeMay 30, 2022. The paper version should be submitted to the Teaching Affairs Office of QMES and the electronic version should be sent to the mailbox of QMES. Contact information is as follows:

Contact: Ms Jing

Tel: 88431985

Contact email: qmaca@nwpu.edu.cn

Queen Mary University of London Engineering School, NPU

April 27, 2022

Appendix 1: Online First-Class Undergraduate Courses Data Information Sheet of QMES in 2022

Appendix 2: Application Form for Online First-Class Undergraduate Courses of QMES in 2022

Appendix 3: Application form for First-class Undergraduate Courses of QMES in 2022

Appendix 4: Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching project Application Form of QMES in 2022

Appendix 5: Accreditation Method for First-class Undergraduate Courses of Northwestern Polytechnical University (Jiaozi [2019] No. 78)

Note:Please download and view attachments from the Chinese official website of QMES.