Notice on Conducting 2022 Programme transfer of QMES

Dear students:

According to relevant management regulations of QMES and the needs of students, QMES is now organizing the transfer of programme for 2021 cohort students. Students who are interested, please fill in the “Application Form for Undergraduates Programme Transfer of QMES, NPU”, and submit to the teaching affairs office email address before 17:00 on July 30, 2022. The application will not be accepted after expiration.

Conditions of Admission :

1.Students are required to be excellent in both character and study, have in-depth understanding of the programme to be transferred into, full of potential and can successfully complete the studies;

2. Students are required to have no failed records. In principle, the rank in the original programme should be the top 30% or the average credit score should be higher than 80, or the academic performance is approved by interview experts;

3. No record of dishonesty and no disciplinary action;

4. Mental and physical conditions of the students shall meet the requirements;

5. 2021 cohort students with no transfer experience.


1. Material assessment: assessment of academic achievements, scientific innovation and practice proofs, specialties, academic competition results and scientific research results, published papers, awards, and statement of intention for programme transfer, etc.

2. Interview: the interview expert group is composed of professors with rich teaching experience, department heads and counselors of QMES. The interview group determines the list of students to be accepted according to their interview performance and the number of students to be accepted. The interview will be conducted online.

3. The result will be finally determined by QMES Executive meeting through considering students’ academic performance, political and ideological performance, moral quality and interview performance.

4. Relevant materials must be submitted in accordance with the regulations of QMES, and can be reported to the Academic Affairs Office after being reviewed by the dean of QMES for approval.

5. Students who have been approved to transfer to a new programme must obey the unified arrangement of QMES.

The final list of students of programme must be publicized in QMES for 3 days, and then reported to the Academic Affairs Office.

Contact: Teacher Ding


Queen Mary University of London Engineering School, NPU

July 28, 2022

Note: Please download the application form for programme transfer from Chinese official website of QMES.