Recruitment Notice of Anti-epidemic Volunteers for Online Teaching

Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Xi’an has been serious. However, the vast number of medical workers and volunteers have worked together to build a solid protection line of life safety for the people of the whole city regardless of their personal safety. Therefore, QMES actively guides young students to devote themselves to the volunteer services in epidemic prevention and control, demonstrating their youthful responsibility in the anti-epidemic work.The college is now recruiting volunteers for online education, and inviting them to provide teaching, companionship and counselling for the children of front-line medical staff, volunteers and logistics staff of NPU, so as to relieve the worries of our “fighters” on the front line.

I. Service Time

(1) Registration Time: January 14th to January 16th, 2022.

(2) Preparation Time: January 17th to January 19th, 2022.

(3) Implementation Time: January 20th to February 25th, 2022.

II. Service Form

First, the volunteers and students in need of help make a one-to-one match. Then, the volunteers start their online tutoring and answer the questions of the students. During the activity, the course arrangement and Q & A interaction will be carried out according to the specific needs of these students.

III. Service Content

Online teaching and answering of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, and other major subjects of junior and senior high schools and all the subjects of primary schools.

IV. Recruitment Objects and Requirements

(1) Mainly for all the current students of QMES, NPU;

(2) Having the conditions of video, audio and text counseling; being able to carry out at least six hours of support teaching services every week and provide online Q & A throughout the day. Those with experience in support teaching and home tutoring are preferred.

V. Guarantee for Volunteers

To accumulate the length of volunteer service;

To provide the certification of volunteer service;

To provide the certification of social practice.

VI. Registration Method

Registration questionnaire:

Please join the QQ group to receive the following information:

The deadline for this registration is 5:00 pm on January 16th. Students are welcome to actively join our team of teaching volunteers. It is hoped that everyone will carry forward the spirit of volunteers, have the courage to take responsibility, and contribute the strength of youth to society, so as to relieve the worries of the medical workers on the front line of the fight against the epidemic!


Text/Gong Yujiu, Ding Zeran

Review/Cheng Yin

Translator/Liu Kaixuan