The Design Competition of QMES Cultural and Creative Products

In order to further promote QMES’ cultural construction, spread the its image, and enhance students’ sense of identity, honor and belonging, QMES specially held this competition for cultural and creative products to show the students’ aesthetic creativity, professional knowledge and comprehensive ability. This competition at the same time followed the concept of sustainable development, encouraged students to make innovative use of their professional knowledge and skills and track the cutting-edge scientific and technological trends in the field of materials, shaped students’ sound personality and good morality through cultural education, and improved their ability to appreciate and create beauty.

I. Organizer

Hosted by: QMES

II. Participants

All the students and graduates from QMES can participate in this competition individually or in groups.

III. Theme

Creative Design Competition for QMES Cultural Products.

IV. Events

1. Time: July 5 - July 25, 2022

2. Rules:

Participants are required to submit the electronic version of their entries to the designated email before July 25, 2022. Teachers and students of QMES will be invited to rate their entries, and 20 innovative and mature projects will be selected from each category.It is proposed to invite relevant experts and professors from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an Art Museum, School of Materials Science and Engineering of NPU, and the field of industrial design for professional review.At the same time, the semi-finals work will be reviewed by the public through online voting on the official Wechat account of QMES. In the end, the final score of each work will be calculated according to the proportion of 70% expert evaluation, 20% public evaluation, and 10% preliminary score, so as to select the winning works of this creative design competition.In addition, QMES will hold an award ceremony at the beginning of September, inviting award-winning students to share their design concepts and successful experience. Meanwhile, professional judges will be invited to guide the design of these works and give relevant suggestions.

The competition has set the First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize and Excellent Prize according to different categories as follows:

(1) Icons:

1 First Prize: 6,000 yuan (before tax), and an honorary certificate will be issued.

3 Second Prizes: 4,000 yuan (before tax), and an honorary certificate will be issued.

5 Third Prizes: 1,000 yuan (before tax), and an honorary certificate will be issued.

Several Excellent Prizes: souvenirs from QMES, and an honorary certificate will be issued.

(2) Items:

1 First Prize: 10,000 yuan (before tax), and an honorary certificate will be issued.

3 Second Prizes: 8,000 yuan (before tax), and an honorary certificate will be issued.

5 Third Prizes: 5,000 yuan (before tax), and an honorary certificate will be issued.

Several Excellent Prizes: souvenirs from QMES, and an honorary certificate will be issued.

3. Requirements for Design:


(1) Cultural and creative products: must contain the features and elements of QMES, and reflect the characteristics and spiritual culture of QMES.

(2) Forms (including but not limited to the following types):

Icons: various types and styles of drawings and virtual images of the abbreviation of QMES;

Items: pens, notebooks, water cups, thermos cups, cultural shirts, mascots, badges, figures that can reflect the image of QMES, etc.

(3) The entries must be original design of the individual (or the team), each of which must be accompanied by a design concept and description. There is no limit to the number of entries (the same work cannot be submitted repeatedly).

(4) The entries are required to highlight the concepts of practical function, eco-environmental protection, health and safety, as well as strong practicability. At the same time, the operability of mass production cost should be considered.

(5) The direction of design includes but is not limited to industrial design or product design based on 3D printing process.


(1) Size: a reasonable structure and size is required for each entry.

(2) Format: participants must keep the manuscript files and provide original design drawings in JPEG format or vector with a resolution of no less than 300dpi. 3D modeling and design drawings are required for item products. Once the design is submitted, it will not be returned.


(1) Method: the electronic version and design description of the entry should be sent to e-mail:qmaca@nwpu.edu.cn. in the form of attachment. The subject of the email should be named in the format of “Creative Design Competition for Cultural and Creative Products + Name of Participant”; the entries should be named in the format of “Name of Entry + Name of Participant + Contact Information”, and the design description should be named in the format of “Design Description + Name of Participant + Contact Information”.

(2) Content:

Display drawings of the design work (JPEG);

Creation concept and description (Word);

Source files of the design work.

4. Notes:

(1) All entries must be guaranteed to be original works and confirm that they have the complete copyright of these works, and there is no counterfeiting or infringement of intellectual property rights of others.

(2) All entries must not have been published in any form. If the entries have participated in other competitions or have been used by a third party, they are not allowed to participate in this competition.

(3) Once an entry is selected, its copyright will belong to NPU, thus NPU has the right to modify and use it (including but not limited to publications, online publicity by media, etc.).

(4) All entries must comply with relevant national laws and regulations as well as all rules and regulations of NPU.

(5) The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to QMES.

Everyone is welcome to scan the code and join the group. This activity has rich prizes. Welcome to actively participate!

Text: Shi Lingzi and Liang Yufei

Review: Fan Xiaoli

Translator: Liu Kaixuan